24 August, 2016


To drink the sea,
spilled over
from your eyes was not an easy task.

It was getting
dark, outside.
Inside an eternal flame
of separation
was flickering.

About the consent
of owning
privacy of truth,
I withdraw
my comments.

Now no shroud was needed
to cover the naked body.

Satish Verma

The Definition

Do not
give me a dream.

I will return my name.

There was no arrival
for me. Like wintergreen.

No ending,
no point, no tip.

A continuum
of space, time
and pain.

A stream on blackstone
flowing after the hail,
pellets of frozen tears.

Satish Verma

23 August, 2016


Gifting myself a new
hurt, though ephemeral, do
you feel my nearness
when I don't speak?

It doesn't work, your
patience with a deadpan face.
How would you talk to
butterflies, hollyhocks and

You had tried to overrun
your own self by giving away
your eyes.Mind it, your
vision will still follow you
at burning pyre.

Weep, weep my poems
weep.The seduction was not
your gold, nor your enemies.
Then whom you are going to make
your god?

The handcuffs have no answer.

Satish Verma

For Others

Salt burnt, you come
under the shade
of milkworts.

Not fated, you still
wanted, unaided departure.

Reading the lifeline in your hand,
why did you opt
to kick the bucket?

You wanted to celebrate the luge with vodka?

How do you get in my shoes?
You become me?
The blue lake of your eyes was frozen
I will walk on ice to reach your home.

Satish Verma

22 August, 2016


Why the pink words
float in black eyes?
I swear, I will not look
at the moon again.

The city burns in snow.
A jump of small
legs, takes you far
from the roar of falls.

The blackbird was my
mascot, sitting on the white
birch, dreaming blue.

A white sheet covers the
shrieking nails. You
cannot walk barefoot
on smouldering candles.

Why again you are climbing
the volcanos?

Satish Verma

The Essence Of Nothingness

Mind goes blank.
In the interim relief- I will wake
with the moon tonight,
to inherit your pain.

Picking up the marbles
you nurture the memories.
In your speechlessness-
you have spoken a Buddha.

Buried in lake you dig out
the incense of life.
A rumor breathes.The untrounced
myth becomes the angel.
Will you meet the danger again?

The wounds were
becoming older.You want to
start the fight afresh? Against
the inevitable?
Why you were growing the sage?

Satish Verma

21 August, 2016

Night Eye

I will ask
the moonflower to give me
a beautiful death,
under the Nightshade.

A nocturne clue;
will you play the piano for me
for a last time? Are you going to meet me in
the grid, crossing the sharp angles?

The signs start shimmering
in dark, like cobra's
tongue.I don't call the names.Overbiting, I
hold the words.

Loss of faith, I
don't believe in me.Did I
betray your creation O god?
The virtuals are overtaking me.
Your flagship becomes a hoax.

I change my name for ever.

Satish Verma