13 December, 2017

The Exodus

You have reached
on misty heights.

I die again
carrying you under
my skin.

Hidden from the
glare of blazing

In labyrinthine, you
open the knots―
of uneasy breasts.

In silence― we
will give our signs
and part.

My limbs
give out― I walk
in air.

Satish Verma

My Angel

Who will know
except you that I
killed my velocity to meet
you in infinite obscurity.

From autumn to autumn
I will wait for a
collision course of nobility
with pure surrender.

So many tattoos on
your body. How many poppies
had kissed you in the spring?
Shame on the blue sky.

Do you believe in reincarnation?
I was Buddha on death bed
when you had touched
my feet unsolicited.

There was no end of celebrities.
Who was quveten than you?

Satish Verma

12 December, 2017

Middle Truth

White doves
with clipped wings
were losing the visual acuity.

The pride was
damaged without consolation.

How much you can climb
on the heap of the dead?
Honeybees won't buzz now in sun.

Can I ask your real name
by birth? There would not be any religion?

Perhaps I was not pure
as your virgin paradise.

Your breadth does not reach me any more.

I am going high
to confront the unknown,
to kill the flesh.
There were no bones of truth.

Satish Verma

Short Comments

Eating thoughts.
You look beautiful
without thinking.

To become
unbeing. You walk
straight into void.

Eyes glazed,
as if washed recently
by tears.

A painless
birth of love between
two hands.

Satish Verma

10 December, 2017

Stone Hearted

There was nothing left
to say, after the great
decline of humanity.

Knowing yourself,
watching without any action.
Then who triggered the quake?

A little candle in storm.
But the selfish man will
not keep a date.

Migration will
continue towards the edge.
You were not there in my verse, today.

Satish Verma

Meeting Nemesis

Blood on your hands,
do you belong here
to claim deity?

Baring my emptiness,
I have come to you
for some answers,

Sharing the same orbit, you
were shy to accept the debris rise.

Ah! Are we sliding
to mental downside? Snapped
under the stress of cultural climb?

You want to hurt yourself,
observing your own midriff?

No riposte was coming.
I am planning to quit
the stage.

Moment of hubris has come.

Satish Verma

09 December, 2017

Handsome Ending

In process of―
searching you. O invisible truth
I was hurt.
One death leads to another.
You must have changed your cloak
not your voice. I will
find you one day.

Your angles were
right, except the distance.
At your lying down place
a marigold was born
defying the sun. Make sure
night was not your enemy.

It was not yield―
my pride. You must shift
your zodiacal light to match
me on the waves. You will
need me, and I will need you.

Satish Verma